Bearings for automotive alternator and starting motor

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Bearings for automotive alternator and starting motor

Due to the customized working environment and actual working conditions of the automobile alternator, the bearing, as the core operating part, is highly demanded by OE customers in terms of the sealing property, starting torque and noise. In order to meet the requirements from OE customers, Tianchi Bearing has optimized the design of bearings for automobile alternator and starting motor:

1. The seals with three-lipsconfiguration and slight contact with inner ring of the bearing delivers high sealing performance and enables application to high-speed running.

2. The engineering plastic cage with the oil storage groove structure effectively improves the lubricating capability of the bearing.

3. The bent of outer ring raceway and inner ring raceway is optimized to meet the requirements of high-speed performance and reduction the axial movement.

4. Nylon expansion rings ("O" rings) are provided to specified products, preventing them from creeping.

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