Special bearing for chemical fiber equipment

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High-Quality Bearings for Chemical Fiber Machine at Affordable Rates:

(TCOK) Jiangsu Tianchi Bearing Co., Ltd., is listed among the leading bearing manufacturing companies of the world. We are known to design, manufacture, and supply the best quality of bearings to the various diverse industries in China as well as in the international world. We offer a comprehensive range of bearing variety that includes bearings to be used in robots to the bearings employed in chemical fiber machines.
Being one of the most prominent bearing manufacturers we produce excellent quality of bearings for chemical fiber machine. Our bearings have been successful in receiving appreciation from the international bearing market, and our made bearing are highly preferred by the leading names of industrialists, given to the precision of quality standards we have managed to maintain since our inception. We understand the diverse needs of the industry, and thus we design bearings for chemical fiber machine to be simple and suitable to withstand the harsh environment and perform well under pressure. We take the responsibility for manufacturing, distributing and supplying a wide range of bearings for chemical fiber machines that are made under the accurate guidance of our expert professionals, using quality raw material and advanced machinery. Our team of professionals regularly inspect the quality of the products and material utilized in its manufacturing. We own a fully-equipped manufacturing unit that is administered by our expert professionals. Our aim is to ensure the customers' satisfaction by supplying them with the best bearings possible.  

Application Scope of Bearings for Chemical Fiber Machines:

These bearings are best to be used in conveyors, soldering station, mixers, sewing machine parts, monitoring equipment, screw chillers, machine tool holder, machine tool holder, hot melt machine, stud welding, pressing machine, burner accessories, offset printing, aerial machinery, circular saws, lying pumps, laminated glass production line,  microwave drying equipment, field operating machinery, and so on purpose.

TMT winding head

Bearings Specially used for Japanese Chemical Fiber Machine 


Winding Head Bearing No. Computer ID Dimension Installation Site
ATI614R/12 BN17-6TVVP4 Z904754400 Φ×Φ35×13 Roller Motor
ATI614C/12 BN25-10TVVP4 Z904754300 Φ25×Φ47×16 Pressure Roller
ATI615R/12 BN30-5TVVP4 MB1369-01001 Φ30×Φ55×17 Chunk Motor
ATI615C/16 BN35-8TVVP4 MM77H99128ZZ0 Φ35×Φ61×18.5/34 Chunk Motor
ATI409M/12 6003-2RZP43   Φ17×Φ35×10  
ATI412M/16 6004-2RZP43 MB1351-01028 Φ20×Φ42×12 Spindle
ATI412C/8 6005-2RZP43 MB1351-01017 Φ25×Φ47×12 Pressure Roller
AW909 6006VV(BN30-5T) MB1369-01001 Φ30×Φ55×17 Electric Motor
AW912 6201-2RZP43   Φ12×Φ32×10 Slot Roller Motor
ATI614/10 6203-2RZP43 MB1351-35001 Φ17×Φ40×12 Slot Roller Motor
ATI615R/10 6204-2RZP43 MB1351-33001 Φ20×Φ47×14  Electric Motor
TW713 6205-2RZP43 MB1351-33002 Φ25×Φ52×15 Electric Motor
TW716 7004 CTPAP4 M78H644K04 Φ20×Φ40×12 Friction Roller  
TW717 7005 CTPAP4   Φ25×Φ47×12 Spindle Motor
  7007 CTPAP4 MB1351-15001 Φ35×Φ62×14 SR Motor
  7009 CTPAP4 MB-1351-16001 Φ45×Φ75×16 SR Motor
  7016 CTPAP4 MB1369-05001 Φ80×Φ125×22 Hot Roller Motor
  7211 CTPAP4 MB1369-06001 Φ55×Φ100×21 Hot Roller Motor
  TS2-6006LICCP43 M81H211K01 Φ30×Φ55×13 Thermal Axis
  TS2-6008LICCP43   Φ40×Φ68×15 Thermal Axis
  TS2-6010LICCP43   Φ50×Φ80×16 Thermal Roller
  TS2-6208LICCP43   Φ40×Φ80×18 Thermal Roller
  TS2-6210L1CCP43   Φ50×Φ90×20 Thermal Roller
  6803ZZC3   Φ17×Φ26×5 Disc
  6804ZZC3   Φ20×Φ32×7 Disc
  6900ZZC3   Φ10×Φ22×6 Disc
  6901ZZC3   Φ12×Φ24×6 Disc


Bearing Specially Used for BARMAG Winder Head


Bearing No. Computer ID Dimension Installation Site
6002-2RZP43 4266358 Φ12×Φ32×9 Chunk Motor
6003-2RZP43 3268257 Φ17×Φ35×10 Chunk Motor
6004-2RZP43 2611621 Φ20×Φ42×12 Slot Roller
6005-2RZP43 7898573 Φ25×Φ47×12 SR/Roller Motor
6007-2RZP43   Φ35×Φ62×14 Roller Motor
6008-2RZP43   Φ40×Φ68×15  
7004 CTPAP4   Φ20×Φ42×12 Chunk Motor
7005 CTPAP4   Φ25×Φ47×12 Chunk Motor
6203-2RZN2P43   Φ17×Φ40×12 Electric Motor
6204-2RZN2P43   Φ30×Φ47×12 Electric Motor
6203-2RZP43 2062196 Φ17×Φ40×12 Chunk Motor
6204-2RZP43 2062011 Φ20×Φ47×14 Chunk Motor
6205-2RZP43 4652494 Φ25×Φ52×15 Electric Motor
6206-2RZP43 2062024 Φ30×Φ62×16 Electric Motor
ACW-5-295 1-018-9961 Φ25×Φ55.5×37/44 Pressure Roller
D258537 1-018-9962 Φ25×Φ55.5×37/44 Pressure Roller
7804068   Φ25×Φ55.5×37/44 Pressure Roller
D25753/5 1-010-0128 Φ50×Φ90×23 Hot Roller
D25752/2 1-005-0658 Φ55×Φ90×23 Hot Roller
HS7008E 26W.B A-D251634 Φ40×Φ68×15 SR Roller
非标轴承 INA.F-553484 Φ25×Φ37.018×21.4 Disc
  A-7800031 Φ15×Φ28×40.6-95.8 Pressure Roller
  A-7801378 Φ19×Φ22×25.3/46 Pressure Roller
70905CTPAP43 6805284 Φ25×Φ42×9 SR roller


Bearing Specially used for DTY Machine


DTY Machine Bearing No. Computer ID Installation Site
BARMAG FK6 6004-2RZP53 0702698 Gear Box
BARMAG FK6 6004-ZZN2P53 2611621 Gear Box
BARMAG FK6 6004-ZZNRP53 044086 Gear Box
BARMAG FK6 6204-ZZKP54    
BARMAG FK6 6204 P53 0703371  
BARMAG FK6 6206-ZZP53 0703599  
BARMAG FK6 6206-2RZP53CM 2363777  
BARMAG FK6 6206 TNP53 0703528  
BARMAG FK6 BBYB326744B 2603145 Black Roller
BARMAG FK6 6306-ZZP53 4432773 Gear Box
BARMAG FK6 6006KWBZZN2C4   Black Roller
BARMAG FK6 6307P53 1534837 齿轮箱 Gear Box
TMT DTY Machine 6005-ZZK2NP54    
33H DTY Machine 6005ZZK2NP54+H205    
33H DTY Machine      
33H DTY Machine 6206-2RZC3P5    
33H DTY Machine 6207-ZZP53   Black Roller
33H DTY Machine 6207-ZZKP54   Black Roller
33H DTY Machine 6207-ZZKNP54   Black Roller
33H DTY Machine 6207-ZZK2NP54   Black Roller
33H DTY Machine 6207-ZZKN+H207   Black Roller
33H DTY Machine 6305-2RZP53   Gear Box
SDS DTY Machine 67/1135KC4   Black Roller
SDS DTY Machine 67/1135ZZKC4   Black Roller
SDS DTY Machine 105/1125KC4   Black Roller
General DTY Machine   608-ZZC3P5    
General DTY Machine 609-ZZC3P5    
General DTY Machine 629-ZZC3P5   Φ9×Φ26×8  
General DTY Machine 694-ZZC3P5   Φ4×Φ11×4  
General DTY Machine 6000-ZZC3P5   Φ10×Φ26×8